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Improved Trajectory: How to Hit Higher Golf Shots

During the course of a typical round of golf, you will find yourself in need of extra height on your shot. Instances where a high shot is necessary to include times when you need to hit the ball over an obstacle. Also, if you want to stop an approach shot on a portion of the green, more height is your best option. Golfers that hit the ball relatively low will face considerable difficulty in any situation requiring a high shot.  This article will discuss some tips and techniques to help increase the trajectory of your golf shots.

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How to Hit Longer Drives

This article discusses several factors that can diminish power off the tee and result in a loss of distance. These factors include: (1) lack of flexibility/poor shoulder turn, (2) poor balance/weight transfer, (3) incorrect clubhead angle into the ball, and (4) a lack of acceleration of the club during the downswing.

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How to Hit a Hybrid Golf Club

So, you’ve ditched your 3-iron, or maybe your 5-wood in place of a hybrid or two (or three or four).  Now you may be wondering “Do I use the same swing as with an iron, a fairway wood, or somewhere in between?”  In this article we will discuss how to really hit a hybrid club. In order to answer this question, you need to do a little self-swing diagnosis first.  Most people either hit their woods better than their irons or vice-versa.  The reason for this has a lot to do with their swing plane tendencies.  People with a flatter swing plane typically find hitting woods easier because the flatter swing makes it easier to hit up on the ball...

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