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What is a Golf Tempo Trainer?

Golf is a challenging yet highly rewarding sport.  Countless people spend endless hours trying to cut a few strokes off of their golf handicap.  There are many training tools available on the market that help teach your body to make the proper swing motion.  One of our favorites is the Golf Tempo Trainer.

For those not familiar with this tool you may be wondering, “What is the Golf Tempo Trainer?” and “How can it help me?”  The Golf Tempo Trainer looks similar to a golf club, but it has a flexible shaft and weighted head that is usually shaped like a ball.  It provides three main benefits: (1) Golf Fitness, (2) Rhythm Trainer, and (3) Swing Plane Trainer.

We will discuss the benefits a bit more in this article and explain how they can help improve your game.

Golf Fitness Trainer

Many players think that they can take a few swings with their Driver before a round to get their muscles warm.  While this can help to a certain degree, what they may not realize is that the Driver is the lightest club in the bag despite being the longest and having the largest club head.  Manufacturers, of course, design them this way to help generate club head speed to maximize driving distance, not as a warm-up tool.  

Being the lightest club, the Driver doesn’t do much for helping to build core golf muscles either.  A round of golf can span several hours, often in hot temperatures, and your muscles can tire quickly.  Utilizing a tool that helps focus on building stronger golf muscles will help improve your endurance and ultimately your score. 

Building flexibility is another attribute that many golfers would like to improve upon.  Increased flexibility helps with shoulder turn and body rotation.  This promotes a longer swing arc and ultimately the potential to have greater swing speed and longer shots.  Longer shots gives players the ability to shorten the course and lower their scores.

The Golf Tempo Trainer was designed to address all of these issues.  Its weighted head helps build your core muscles.  When added to the flexible shaft this gently helps you stretch those muscles and develop greater swing flexibility.  Of course when you are swing a heavier club you will increase blood flow to your muscles which will help you warm up before a round in just a few swings.

Rhythm Trainer

Having proper swing rhythm is something that is often lost on beginning golfers.  The speed at which we bring the club back during our backswing should be similar to the speed at which the club moves during the downswing and follow-through.  That is what we mean when we talk about swing rhythm. 

Oftentimes, players exaggerate their backswing in a slow motion then attempt to magically turn on the gas at the top and hit maximum speed on the way down.  While this may sound reasonable it can lead to muscle injuries by causing the player to tense up suddenly and drain your shot distance.  This sudden muscle tension can also cause you to alter your swing path and affect the accuracy of your shots.

Having good rhythm is important because it helps our swing balance, weight transfer, and the speed at which we can swing the club.  Again, with the flexible shaft and weighted head, the Golf Tempo Trainer forces you to practice a more balanced backswing, downswing, and follow-through.  You will immediately notice the difference in your balance.  Off balance swings will occur if your rhythm is poor.  As you practice to maintain a proper swing balance with the Tempo Trainer you will start to notice a better swing rhythm as well. 

Swing Plane Trainer

One of the final benefits of the Tempo Trainer is its ability to help you improve your swing path.  A common swing fault of beginning golfers is the over-the-top motion that is often compared to casting a fishing line.

With the bright yellow club head of the Tempo Trainer you can see the yellow blur of the club head as it passes by.  Although it is slight, this visual cue helps you to see your swing path and make corrections as needed.

Again, the weighted club head will accentuate a lack of balance to give you physical feedback if your swing path is a bit wavy.  You are more likely to turn back your shoulders and hips during the backswing and reverse the motion during the follow through as well.  With a lightweight club players can get away with only swinging their arms rather than using a full body turn during the backswing.  That is much harder to do with the Tempo Trainer.

How to Use the Tempo Trainer

There aren’t any special instructions needed to start using the Tempo Trainer.  You basically swing it as you would any other club and your body will naturally feel the imperfections in your swing.  It isn’t designed for you to swing as fast as you can but rather use a steady, rhythmic, back-and-forth motion.  Use the feedback the trainer gives you to help with your balance, body turn, and follow-through.

We offer two sizes - 48 inches and 40 inches - for golfers of all sizes and skill levels.  The shorter length tends to work best for beginners or players under 5'6' with the longer size for taller players.  Many golfers have both sizes to simulate a driver length and iron/wedge length.

golf tempo trainer

In case you were wondering, the Tempo Trainer technically isn’t a “club” so you can feel free to keep it in your golf bag during your round and not be penalized for having too many clubs.  If you would like to pick up your own Golf Tempo Trainer, then be sure to find it in our Store.

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