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About Us

Hi, my name is Steve Britt and I want to welcome you to National Golf Gear.  Like many of you, I started playing golf as a teenager and found the game quite challenging.  I spent most of my time at the driving range, but had no real idea how to improve or what to work on.  Limited funds made getting lessons an impossibility. 

Several years later I began working at a local golf store and driving range and was able to see some marked improvement in my game.  Consistent practice and studying some of the golf training tools we sold helped develop certain aspects of my game.  The occasional tip from our resident golf pro didn't hurt either.  I eventually left there, but the desire to build upon that experience stuck with me.  Here at National Golf Gear, we love golf.  Taking our game to the next level is an undying passion.

We have decided to turn that passion into a store to share some of the tools we have found that can help improve your golf game.  Getting better at golf takes a lot more than desire.  It takes practice to develop proper muscle memory.

For those of us that don't have countless hours to spend on the course or unlimited funds to hire professional instructors, then we need a more efficient way.  We have searched for some of the top golf instruction training aids to help accelerate your golf learning curve which will save you time and money.  Our products are sourced globally to ensure we can provide a wide product range at competitive prices.

Just like you we get up every day to find a way to play golf better.  Aside from our training aids we hope to provide you with valuable golf instruction articles, videos and guides - all for free!  We hope you find our line of products helpful in this endeavor.

See you on the 19th hole!

Steve with National Golf Gear